TimeKiller Apparel


TimeKiller Apparel was born on the Ides of March in 2017 by Robert DeFelice. (@dudefelice) With this brand, the goal is for people to embrace whatever they are feeling at the moment. A lot of the designs and the text accompanying them are based off emotions that have strongly swayed my own actions one way or another. I truly believe that it's okay to not always be feeling the most positive as long as you stay true to yourself and you know that there are always so many chances for greatness in this life. That really is the main message. There are so many chances for greatness as long as you stay true to you. 

Moving forward, I would like to partner up with more organizations that share this message as well as partnering up with artists who are so immensely gifted. If this brand has any impact, I want it to be one representing positive vibes and shining a light on those that deserve it, while telling others it's perfectly okay to embrace who you are and what you're feeling.

Thank you all for you interest and stay tuned. The fight for change has just begun!

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